YouTube Activity: Join the Conversation

In this optional exercise, you will visit YouTube and get a feel for what your museum's presence is there. You will also take a look at the kinds of conversations that happen on YouTube.

Work individually or in museum groups on this activity.


  • Start here:
  • Using some of the keywords that you developed during the Listening Activity, search for media on YouTube related to those keywords.
  • If you find anything related to your museum, watch the video(s) and then browse through the comments underneath. Are there questions you can answer? Points you can refine or correct? What kind of tone does the conversation have?
  • If you find something that particularly interests you, consider creating a video response. Have someone interview you responding to the video you saw, then post yours as a video response.

See Also

  • 5 Ways for Museums to Use YouTube This article in Museum Marketing discusses how museums can use YouTube.
  • YouTube Play A collaboration between YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum, YouTube Play is a special channel to showcase all kinds of videos. YouTube users are encouraged to enter their videos for consideration; selected videos will be featured in an exhibit on online video at the museum, as well as on the channel itself.

Notes and Questions

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