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yelp.jpgYelp ( is a location-based service for the web and mobiles. It provides information about places, including popular reviews by real people, information about nearby services and attractions, maps, and more. Using the website, you can search by location name to find out what people really think of a place; using a mobile, though, Yelp is even more useful because you can search for types of venues near your actual location. Yelp users can rate and review all kinds of venues, and reviews can automatically be sent to Twitter or Facebook as well.

How do I use it?

You can use Yelp to research your museum to see what people think. The reviews are often very candid and will give you an idea of what's working for people and what isn't. As a Yelp user, you can find attractions and services near you, and make decisions about which to visit based on the opinions and remarks of others who have already been there.

Why is it important?

Yelp can serve as a key listening tool to monitor the impressions of visitors who may not leave feedback in other forms, and it can also be used to form affiliations with nearby businesses. In a listing for area, places with the highest ratings and most comments rise to the top of a listing. Many Yelp users are very active -- Yelp calls them the Yelp Elite -- and they make a point of providing detailed information that accurately reflects their experiences. Your museum can also work with Yelp directly to court the Yelp Elite. Yelp sponsors frequent, lavish parties at different locations; while they are often open to the public, Yelp Elites are given early, exclusive access before the doors are thrown open.

Yelp Tips

  • If your location is not listed on Yelp, you can add it so it will show up on searches.
  • Contact and reward Yelp Elite reviewers who post reviews about your museum.
  • Take advantage of free services provided by Yelp to help businesses communicate with their customers and visitors.
  • Be sure to complete your organization's Yelp profile.
  • You can post special offers on Yelp for people who use the service.

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