Twitter Activity: Rewriting History

For this activity, you will consider an event that took place recently at your museum -- one where you did not use Twitter. For this exercise, it would be best to choose an event that you had a hand in organizing or that you are otherwise very familiar with. You'll note down the details of the event as it actually happened, and then go back and fill in a framework with Twitter messages that *could* have been sent at the time. You will not actually tweet these messages -- just plan what might have been tweeted if this workshop had happened before the event!

Work in groups of 3 or 4, selecting one event for the group to work on together.


  • Think about a recent event or activity that took place at your museum, one that you attended and/or helped to organize.
  • Using the Twitter framework (PDF) provided, sketch out the stages of the event. Include planning activities, getting ready, preparing the space, sending invitations, marketing, and any post-event activities or information, as well as the event itself.
  • Think about each stage that you have just described. What messages could have gone out on Twitter at each stage? Who would be the best person to have sent them?
  • When composing your messages, think about who you are trying to reach and why you want them to see each tweet. Are you building excitement? Reporting on actual events? Getting the word out? Showing off your star speakers or artists? Tailor your messages to fit the intended task.

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