Maximizing the Returns of Social Networks for Your Museum

June 29-30, 2010 (San Antonio, TX)


With the emergence of new technologies and platforms many museums have rushed to create Facebook pages, twitter feeds, and flickr pages. Rather than wait for visitors to create content about their collections, museums need to be present and proactive on social media platforms -- but how best to do this? At the workshop, leading experts in social networking and social media will highlight the most popular channels for museums, look at the ways they are being used, discuss ways to gauge success, and outline successful strategies to embed social networking into the things you are already doing. Also on the agenda is a detailed look at the unique ways social media can extend a museum's audience. Participants will work hands-on with real-world scenarios and understand how to expand or create social media strategies back at their home institutions.

These wiki pages are references both for workshop participants and anyone else interested who could not attend the workshop in person.

Presentation Archive

We have audio recordings of our keynote sessions and the panel discussion.
  • Mind Your P's and Q's: Checklist for Museums Serving Up Content in a Voracious World
    Holly Witchey
    In search of the twin elixirs of audience satisfaction and audience engagement, Holly Witchey discovers that old wives' tales and aphorisms resonate for a reason in our digital world. Mom, the guys at the barber shop, the dizzy redhead, and the bad boy in the band provide the common sense; the twist is to use common sense to create exceptional opportunities for audiences and museums alike.
    audio recording (34.3 Mb MP3)
  • Social Networking in the Museum
    chaired by Rachel Varon featuring Stacy Fuller (Amon Carter), Ben Slade (Arthouse), and Nicole Stutzman (Dallas Museum of Art)
    What's happening in Texas with social networking? Many of MIDEA's member institutions are currently involved in exciting social networking projects. In this panel, three of your colleagues discuss the ways they are already tapping into social networks and crafting their messages to target specific audiences. Bring your own questions to add to the conversation.
    audio recording (37.6 Mb MP3)
  • Developing a Social Media Strategy
    Susan Chun
    Now that you’ve seen examples of how social media and social networking are being used — as well as had some hands-on experience with these tools yourself — you’re ready to start drafting a social media strategy that you can take back to your museum. We’ll show you how to get started, or how to build on initiatives already underway, and share tips on how to approach the right people to get your ideas implemented.
    audio recording (49.2 Mb MP3) • presentation slides (983k PDF)

Overview of Tools

This short guides are references geared specifically to museums for getting started with six of the tools we will be using at the workshop.

Hands-on Activities

These are the things we will be doing in the workshop; some are optional and are provided as a reference.

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