Listening Activity: Can You Hear Us Now?

Before you dive in and start talking, it is crucially important to learn how to listen. There are already conversations that your museum could become part of, but just as it is rude to start talking the moment you join a group at a cocktail party, it is inappropriate to start broadcasting your "message" before understanding what people are already saying. During this activity, you will spend some time finding out about the current conversations that relate to your museum. Keep in mind that conversations in social media spaces move very quickly; what is happening now may not be relevant next week, so it is important to make listening a part of your daily and weekly activities.


  • Working in pairs, brainstorm 6-10 keywords that people might use to find your museum (besides the museum name). Write these down -- you will use them again later.
  • After you have seen the demonstration of social searching tools, try searching on some of the keywords (as well as on your museum name) to see what you find. Make a list of unexpected or interesting results, or of anything that you notice or learn. What are the most common positive comments about your museum? What are the most common complaints or questions?
  • Social Mention:
  • Google:
  • Google Alerts:
  • SamePoint:

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  • Interesting to see the differences in results each site produced. I like comparing socialmention to samepoint.