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foursquare.jpgFoursquare ( is an application for letting your network know where you are and for sharing tips about things to do while you are there. It is a location-based social networking service that uses the GPS features built in to modern smart phones to identify where you are and allow you to "check in" there. You can see who from your network is nearby and post comments about the place where you are. Each check-in earns you points toward badges -- secret until unlocked, and the top visitor to any given location earns the title of "Mayor." Real-world owners or administrators of locations can provide special offers to visitors who check in on Foursquare, such as a free coffee for every three visits, or a discount in the store for the Mayor.

How do I use it?

Foursquare is better with more friends, so if you decide to use it, spend some time building up your network. When you visit somewhere interesting, launch Foursquare mobile application on your mobile and tap the "check in" button to bring up a list of nearby locations. If your venue is in the list, simply select it; if it isn't, you have an opportunity to add it. Next, check to see who else may be nearby or look at the tips list to see what other visitors recommend. You can also create your own to-do list associated with a location and check off activities once you do them. The web version of Foursquare is useful for finding out what tips people recommend before you visit a place.

Why is it important?

For retailers, attractions, and cultural organizations like museums, Foursquare provides a way of reaching the increasing number of people who use of location-aware mobile devices, many of whom are very interested in connecting with social networks. Like a loyalty program, Foursquare lets organizations offer special discounts or suggestions to people who check in at their location. A number of institutions are using location-aware services like Foursquare to create game-like activities to engage their audiences and encourage repeat visits. Foursquare is also important because it feeds into the increasing trend among networked people to share their activities with their network: it makes it very easy to indicate where you are and what you are doing, which gives people in your network a better sense of you as a person and strengthens social connections.

Foursquare Tips

  • Become an administrator for your organization on Foursquare, which will allow you to provide offers to visitors who check in.
  • Reach out to the "Mayor" of your location, and reward/recognize them for their patronage.
  • Use the Add Tips feature in Foursquare to add interesting information and things to do at your museum's location.
  • Monitor the comments of people who people who check in to your location and friend them in Foursquare.
  • Check in to other locations in your vicinity and consider adding a few (but not so many to be spammy) comments like "This restaurant is a great place to have breakfast before visiting the Xxxxx Museum. Try the blueberry pancakes." Be sincere.

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