Foursquare Activity: What Do People Like to Do?

In this exercise, you will use the web version of Foursquare to explore the area around your museum. If possible, you will also use the mobile version to explore the local area here.

Work in groups of 2 or 3 for this activity.


  • For the web version, start here:
  • Enter "museum" in the search box to see museums near you now. Next, change your location to the city or town where your museum is located and search again. Is your museum in the list?
  • Review your museum's check-in totals and see who has been there. What tips have they added? Who is the Mayor (this is the person who checks in there most often)?
  • If you like, create an account on Foursquare if you don't have one. Try adding a tip for something to do in your town or at your museum.
  • Optional: Mobile activity -- if you have a mobile device that can run the Foursquare app, download it and take a look. Check in at the Hotel Contessa. What else is nearby? Any tips you can share?

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