Flickr Activity: Share What You Know

This activity takes you through several common actions you can do with Flickr . You will need a flickr account to do most of the activity.

Work on this activity individually.


  • Start here:
  • Using some of the keywords you developed in the Listening Exercise, search for photos on Flickr related to your museum. When you find some, review the tags and add any that are missing to help others find the photos or understand what is in them.
  • If you have a Flickr account and a camera, take one or more photos at the workshop and post them to Flickr. Tag them "midea10so" so that they are easy to find.
  • Search for the workshop tag (midea10so) to see what photos have already been posted. Identify yourself, or someone else, in some of these pictures, and tag the photos appropriately. (If the subject in the photo has a Flickr account, you can identify them using "People in this photo." If they don't, or if you can't find them, just tag the photos with their name.)
  • Add tags to any photos in the MIDEA workshop stream, if they need them.
  • Think about a topic of personal interest -- a hobby or personal research interest. Search for photos on this topic. Make a gallery of five of your favorites (see
  • Tweet about your new gallery ! Be sure to use the workshop tag, #midea10so
  • Check for tweets by colleagues about galleries they have created. Look at and comment on one or more.

See Also

  • The Commons on Flickr The Commons is an online gallery of the world's photo collections. Visitors are encouraged to tag photos, increasing the level of knowledge and understanding of their subjects. A number of museums already belong to the Commons.
  • MetShare The Metropolitan Museum of Art has posted its policies for social media (including Flickr) -- cleverly disguised as a FAQ for media sharing and outreach.

Notes and Questions

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