This wiki is a working area for the Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts .

The Edward and Betty Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts (MIDEA) provides timely, succinct and practical knowledge about emerging technologies that museums can use to advance their missions.
The Institute, a collaboration between the Edward and Betty Marcus Foundation and the New Media Consortium, showcases best practices in emerging applications of technologies like social media, mobiles, augmented reality, cloud computing, and others that are just around the corner. MIDEA offers its members a wealth of online resources, regular analysis, continuous research, news, and reports, as well as a flagship blog that will be home to ideas and reflections authored by some of the leading minds in the museum world. Most of all, however, MIDEA will offer members a dependable, credible, and timely font of carefully vetted information and tools they can put to use immediately, including a new Museum Edition of the highly regarded Horizon Report .
The Institute will bring together experts from all over the world on an ongoing basis to share strategies and success stories about digital applications for learning and interpretation. It will be a place where people, ideas, resources, and tools routinely mix to highlight new ways of thinking, showcase best practices, encourage innovation, and strengthen education in the arts. Trainings, workshops, and summer institutes will help keep member museums at the forefront of emerging technologies and their applications, expand their skills and capabilities, and foster collaboration among art museum professionals.
If you would be interested in your institution being part of this unprecedented effort, or if you wish to just learn more about MIDEA, please contact the Institute at